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Perform analyses of international trade and market conditions in aid to the management of company’s import and export of chemicals and plastic raw materials.
Plan, design, and conduct research and statistical analyses of trading trends, such as market demands and specification, source of products, customer preferences and opinions on prices, and data on competitors, such as their prices, sales, products, and methods of sales and product promotion, and relationships in solving problems arising from the international trading and distribution of goods. 
Conduct analytical studies of international trading outlook, international labor cost, cost of goods, trade figures, currency rates, political issues, tariff and customs regulations, as well as global business procedures in such areas as communication and information flow between U.S. headquarters and affiliate companies, overseas vendors and factories, transportation traffic management, and distribution process.
Contact vendors, supplies, and potential customers regarding the findings from the market research.
Develop information, forecast future market trends, consider all available solutions of trading problems, and prepare advisory opinions and recommendations to management, so as to help set trade policies to aid in market interpretation and come up with new products to meet market demands.
MBA in International Business or Global Business + Marketing is required.
Please contact Diana TU at (310) 637-6688.
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